Top Plastic Surgeon Reviews


San Antonio and Southern Texas, including Corpus Christi

How to Read the Table

SCORE: The "score" column for each review site lists the average score assigned to that doctor by the people who posted ratings on that site. Each site uses a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the highest rating possible.


#: The "#" column lists the number of reviewers who posted ratings and reviews for each doctor on each review site.

TOTAL: The "Total" column is the product of the score and the number of reviewers.


  • Top Section: The plastic surgeons who received only green ratings (4.0 and higher) appear in the top section and are ranked from highest to lowest within that section.
  • Middle Section: The plastic surgeons who received one or more yellow rating (average score between 3.0-3.9) appear in the middle section and are ranked from highest to lowest within that section.
  • Bottom Section: The plastic surgeons who received one or more red rating (average score below 3.0) appear in the bottom section and are ranked from highest to lowest within that section.

GRAND TOTAL: The "Grand Total" column is the sum of the "Total" scores from each review site. Plastic surgeons on this table are listed in order of their Grand Total Scores, from highest to lowest. 

CLEAR BOXES: Empty white boxes indicate that we were unable to find ratings for that doctor on that ratings site. There could be many reasons for this including that the ratings site used a different spelling or location for the doctor than the ones that we used; it could mean that the doctor's patients did not visit that site to place reviews; and it could mean other things. Empty boxes neither count for nor against a doctors' ratings.

Things to Make Note of as You Review the Table

This site includes plastic surgeons who practice plastic surgery in the area/region and who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Doctors who perform plastic surgery but who are not certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery  are not included on this site.

There are sites beyond those listed in each table which provide physician reviews, but not all review sites could be included for practical reasons. The review sites which, in the opinion of, are the most popular, most reliable,  and most pertinent were selected for this website:,,, and We have also observed that the ratings and reviews for any one plastic surgeon tend to be consistent across most ratings sites, so inclusion of additional sites would not likely change the ratings for most plastic surgeons in a significant way.

Keep in mind that if a doctor has received a low score, this does not mean that the doctor is not a competent plastic surgeon. It may mean that the doctor does not perform as much surgery as the other doctors, or that the doctor has not been in practice as long, or that the doctor happens to operate on patients who do not provide online reviews, or something else. So, do not read too much into a low score. Visitors to this site are strongly encouraged to follow the links to each ratings site and read the actual reviews. this will not only provide a greater depth of information about each doctor, but it will also be more current and possibly more accurate, as explained below. is confident about the quality and accuracy of the ratings reported on this site, but we cannot guarantee accuracy of all data for the following reasons:

  • The ratings must be manually acquired and manually verified for a number of reasons, some of which are explained below. Manual acquisition of large amounts of data can result in data entry errors. We do perform routine spot-checking for verification of quality of data collection, but we do not have unlimited resources to corroborate data acquisition and entry for each rating.
  • Ambiguity sometimes exists between the way in which a doctor's name appears on the source websites and on the review sites. As a result, searching for a review using a name which is formatted differently can cause our data-collecting staff to mistake the rating for a plastic surgeon as 0 or no entries, when in fact that plastic surgeon may have a valid entry under the same name which is formatted differently. Or, it may cause our staff to mistake a doctor with a similar name who is in the same location but different specialty or same specialty but different location. These occasions were uncommon, and we feel that we have identified most of them.
  • Ratings and reviews are added regularly to the ratings sites, and it is not possible to keep up with this. We do update our data at least once each year. We have found that more frequent updates seldom change the order of listings on this site in a significant way, as ratings and reviews tend to be consistent over time for most physicians.

For all of these reasons, this site is best used as a gateway to the review sites for each visitor to make his or her own assessments. Please visit each ratings site yourself to be sure that you are getting the latest reviews on each of the docs.