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Other Considerations

In Addition to a Plastic Surgeon’s Ratings and Reviews

Many of the questions below have no clear or correct answer. But, you should find out the answer to each, and you should be comfortable with the answers provide by your plastic surgeon and his office. If not, then that might be an indication that you should look elsewhere. In general, those plastic surgeons with the highest Grand Totals tend to be the ones that have provided previous patients with the most favorable answers – and who have delivered on their answers. But we still encourage you to look into each of these matters for yourself.

Things You Should Find Out Before or During Your First Visit

How long has the doctor been in practice?
How many of these procedures has he done?
Does he have hospital privileges to perform the operation that you seek?
What is his malpractice history?
What is his safety record?
How does he handle complications?
Does he handle all calls after hours personally or does he rely on other staff or plastic surgeons to take patient calls?
Does he charge for revisions?
Does he work with residents and students?

Things You Should Observe During Your First Visit

Was he thorough in your evaluation?
Did he listen to your concerns and address them?
Did he answer all of your questions and encourage you to ask more?
Did he take time with you?
Did he thoroughly examine you?
Did he review your medical history in detail?
Was the staff warm and approachable?